Why we started this campaign

Companies must stand up for the climate and leverage their superpowers in the fight against the climate crisis.

It is not enough to reduce and offset your carbon emissions

The carbon footprint of many medium and small sized tech companies is mainly comprised of office related emissions, their digital infrastructure and travel. Some measures to reduce these emissions are obvious and clear to-dos: switch your office to renewable energy, move your services to a cloud provider powered by renewable energy, reduce business travel and offset the remaining emissions.

If a company with 100 employees does all of the above they reduce their emissions by ~20% in 1 year. That is an amazing achievement. But it's 2021, the time is running and we should ask ourselves - is that everything we can do?

Take the same company, and let it develop a tool or a feature in their product that helps their customer base of 10 Mio. users (B2C) or 1000 customers (B2B) to reduce their emissions by just 1% - we save a million tons of carbon. This is exactly what every company should think about - to leverage their product, to talk to their customers and partners. This is what "Time for Climate Action" is all about.

Transparency is key: Disclose what you have been doing and what you are planning to do

Climate change is one of the most discussed topics these days. And rightly so! It is an extremely complicated matter and deserves critical thought. In such an environment, it is important that companies who want to take a stand in this matter start with themselves. If you do not even understand your own carbon footprint and set reduction goals, you can't ask others to do so. This is why we asked every company that wanted to participate in this campaign to be transparent about where they stand in their climate journey. Doing so publicly creates accountability, as customers and media can control what has happened in a year from now. Check out our Campaign Overview Page to learn more.

How Spotify uses their reach to educate their users about climate change

Spotify is the world's largest music streaming platform. They have a massive reach and great brand reputation — especially amongst a younger generation. They are now using this reach to educate their users about the issue of climate change and link to our action platform straight from their application.

How Personio uses their HR knowledge to offer free workshops that help their customers kickstart their climate journey

Personio is one of Germany’s fastest-growing startups. The Munich-based team offers a platform for managing HR-related tasks in small and medium-sized companies. Their customers are thousands of companies, with a collective footprint that will certainly go into the millions. For the TFCA Campaign, they offer free workshops on how to use your HR superpowers to kickstart climate action in your company.  

How Ecosia became a large scale investor in renewable energy projects

Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees with the profits they make from search advertisements. Like most companies, they do not run their own server infrastructure but use the cloud instead. Since they could not change how their cloud provider runs its server farms they decided to invest into large-scale solar projects that overcompensate their carbon footprint by more than 200%. They are now thinking about scaling this initiative and offering other companies to directly invest into renewable energies to compensate for the footprint of their services.